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Hand-crafted to a very high finish, all our products are produced by means of time-honoured traditions and are proudly assembled individually by hand, on-site in Walsall, England, renowned for it's leather and castings history and heritage.

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The Tirion range can be tailored to your exact requirements to ensure comfort and stability, with features including extra-wide seats, adjustable height stems, and a variety of ground plate options.

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Tirion Seat Sticks have a well-known reputation for quality and reliability. Tirion has been the world leader in seat stick manufacture for over 100 years, testament to the quality and reliability of our sticks.

TirionĀ® Seat Sticks.
Proudly Handcrafted in the UK.

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Tirion offers the best range of seat sticks and shooting sticks for every occasion.

Traditionally used outdoors for shooting, hunting and spectating at sporting events, our sticks can now be used indoors with the addition of a rubber ferrule.

Shotover. Luxury and comfort.

Our largest and most luxurious stick. Extra large seat, pocket clip and folding ground plate. Perfect for all outdoor activities!

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Ranger. Conquer the elements.

Perfect for a day out! This handy and stylish umbrella shooting stick combines an umbrella for rain or shade and a sturdy seat.

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Super Crook. Walking stick and seat.

A most practical combination of a walking stick and a seat stick. The handles open to form a seat. Easy, convenient and comfortable!

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tripod seat stick

Tripod. The original Seat Stick.

Combines the advantages of an extremely low weight with the convenience of a Walking Stick which converts to a stable and comfortable seat.

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