Tirion Seat Sticks – A classic British tradition

tirion shooting sticks


Tirion Seat Sticks have been handcrafted in Walsall, UK since 1921. The company’s roots trace back to the late 19th century, when Victor Alexis Noirit, a French saddler, moved to London before settling in Walsall. Noirit took out the first Shooting Stick patent in 1921.

noirit seat stick vintage


One of the original designs for Tirion Seat Sticks can be seen below. This is a design by Juan Emilio Noirit, son of Victor Alexis Noirit.


tirion handcrafted shooting sticks original design


The sticks were exported all over the world, and famous brand customers over the years have included the US PGA, Rolex, Famous Grouse, Mastercard and Burberry.




Today, Tirion Seat Sticks & Shooting Sticks are still manufactured and assembled to the highest standards by experienced personnel in Walsall.




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