Tirion Shooting Sticks at Cheshire Polo

tirion seat sticks at cheshire polo

Tirion Shooting Sticks proved to be in popular demand with the polo players and spectators in a recent tournament which was held at the Tarporley Polo Ground, which is home to the prestigious Cheshire Polo Club.

cheshire polo tirion shooting sticks

The above picture shows a player holding a Tirion stick instead of his polo stick. Our intrepid rider (who obviously appreciates good value items!) is holding a Ranger Umbrella stick.

tirion shooting sticks

TirionĀ® Seat Sticks and Shooting Sticks can be used for all outdoor sports that have standing spectators – events such as shooting, game hunting and watching, bird watching, horse racing, cross country events and motor racing to name but a few!

You can buy Tirion Shooting Sticks from our online shop. For further information on our product range, simply call us on 01922 633511 or contact us online now.

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