The TirionĀ® range of seat sticks & shooting sticks are the best available. Skilled craftsmen assemble the top quality materials and stitch the goatskin leather at our factory in Walsall, England. Walsall is a town with a world famous manufacturing history and heritage.

  • Lightweight design - Aluminium Handles, Swivels & Plates
  • Aluminium parts are cast in our foundry
  • Visible parts are polished to ensure attractive appearance
  • Premium quality Leather Goatskin for extra comfort & durability
  • All products carry a 2 Year Guarantee
  • Leather seat and leather handles can be ordered in tan, dark brown or black
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Our largest and most luxurious stick. Extra large seat, pocket clip and folding ground plate.
Combines the advantages of an extremely low weight with the convenience of a Walking Stick which converts to a stable and comfortable seat.
Super Crook
A most practical combination of a walking stick and a seat stick. The handles open to form a seat.
This handy and stylish umbrella shooting stick combines an umbrella for rain or shade and a sturdy seat.